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Why do cats love lasers?

Cat playing with laser pointer on the floor

Anyone lucky enough to have a feline friend in their life will be able to confirm just how much they love lasers. Mesmerized by a bright beam, the temptation of a laser toy is one no cat can resist. And while chasing a shining, moving ray of light might seem far removed from nature, a cat’s love of lasers couldn’t be more instinctive. We’ll explore the truth behind what makes them so irresistible for felines and how to best meet this need in the home.

Unleash their wild side

However cuddly your cat can be, they are natural hunters, more than capable of killing small mammals, birds and reptiles in the garden. Keeping your cat indoors comes with the bonus of your pet not bringing home their prey, but even by watching them play, their inner natural predator can’t be denied.

A laser pointer toy mimics how a cat would hunt in the wild, with the small red dot acting as fast-moving prey. For a cat, there’s nothing more thrilling than pouncing on their target after a slow, crouched stalk. And for indoor cats especially, a laser toy can satisfy the hunter in them more than other toys.

Play through a cat’s eyes

Cats don’t just love lasers for the fact that they support their primal hunting instincts. Another reason behind cats’ obsession with these darting beams of light is because of how their eyes perceive them. 

What we see as a laser isn’t what they see. Put simply, cats have six to eight times more rod cells in their eyes than humans do. This makes them much better at detecting light at low levels. Cats also have excellent peripheral vision, meaning they’re able to spot lasers from the corner of their eyes.

Feline brain training

Cats need more than just physical exercise. To make sure they stay stimulated, mental exercise is just as important. Playing with a laser not only keeps your feline fit but provides them with the brain training they crave by having to navigate how they can catch their “prey” i.e. the red dot.

Cat lasers and safety

Laser toys don’t come without controversy, with the two biggest concerns surrounding the potential of chasing becoming a compulsive behaviour and the second, being the effect on cats’ eyes. Let’s break it down.

As we’ve explored, cats love to pounce, chase and catch their prey – hence their love for lasers. But while in the wild, their hunting session would end with a well-deserved “reward”, lasers can leave your kitty feeling frustrated. This frustration can lead to an over-excited cat who creates a habit of pouncing on what they shouldn’t (that includes your hands, feet, flickering lights, reflections and other pets). 

There are a few key takeaways here. First of all, stop laser play if you notice your cat’s behaviour change for example if they become distressed or anxious. You should also check the wattage of your cat’s laser toys, ensuring its output is lower than 5 milliwatts. Most importantly, never shine a light directly into your cat’s eyes.

Despite these concerns, the lure of a laser is often too strong for cats and pet parents but what if there was an alternative? A toy that cats love just as much as lasers, or perhaps even more? A toy that supports a cat’s natural desire to chase, pounce and scratch? A toy that allowed cats to play safely, that just happens to be the coolest product ever? Introducing the Switch Cat Scratcher.

Cat looking at the bright lights on the Switch Cat Scratcher

Start the light show

The Switch Cat Scratcher is the cat product you didn’t know you needed…until now. We know how important it is to support our pets’ desires and fulfil their natural needs. Cats need to hunt and cats need to scratch but pet parents also want to know their felines are staying safe during play.

We began by asking, how can tech meet our cats’ natural needs? Can we create a scratching post that gives our cats a brain training, full body workout? This thinking led to the Switch.

With over 1,200 irresistible light modes easily adjusted by remote control, cat owners have full control of how their pets play with the Switch. Control speed, brightness and modes from the couch to connect with your cat in colour. As well as an innovative use of tech, the Switch is a sustainable option, that saves up to 33.5kg of landfill over a cat’s lifespan, with a hard wearing bamboo base and 100% biodegradable sisal sleeves. 20% taller, with anti topple technology to ensure a full, satisfying scratch and meticulous engineering in every detail, it puts all other cat scratchers in the shade.

Omlet cat care

At Omlet, we’re fascinated by how much staying active and entertained benefits our cats, and by what drives their need to hunt and scratch. That’s why we design innovative solutions such as the Switch Cat Scratcher, Freestyle Cat Tree and Maya Indoor Cat House. We’re not just product engineers – first and foremost, we’re animal experts, inventing ways to care better for the pets we love.

Cat surrounded by the pink lights of the Switch Cat Scratcher

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