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The new cat scratcher with over 1200 light settings

Cat admiring the Switch Cat Scratcher

The future of feline fun has arrived. Since 2004, Omlet has been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for cats. And, we’re excited to announce our newest cat creation that will have you painting your interior red, orange, yellow, pink, and green. Meet the Omlet Switch Cat Scratcher – a revolutionary cat scratcher with over 1200 light settings that puts all other scratchers in the shade. The Switch Cat Scratcher is more than just a scratching post; it’s a cutting-edge interactive light display that was ingeniously crafted with innovation and precision to give cats the two things they love most – scratching and chasing lights. 

How does it work?

Can a cat scratcher be as fun for people as it is for cats? At Omlet, we not only believe it can, we created it to be that way. With over 1200 remote-controlled interactive lights and ambient light modes, this first-of-its-kind cat scratcher was designed to be as attractive to our eyes as they are to our feline friends.

But how exactly does it work? Developed with our continued commitment to keep our products as sustainable as possible, the natural bamboo base is the backbone behind this sturdy and interactive cat scratcher. Embedded inside the base of the scratcher is the remote operation and LED lights that are meticulously designed to enhance your cat’s scratching experience. And these aren’t just any LEDs – they’re IP75 rated, which in cat terms means prime protection against cat claws.

With just a click of a button on your remote, you can start a light show in your living room that will have you and your cat engaged for hours. Who needs Netflix when you can watch your favourite furry friend chase after colourful, interactive lights. 

Remote control settings on the Switch Cat Scratcher

Why your cat needs the Switch Cat Scratcher

Cats are enigmatic and playful animals who crave scratching. At Omlet, we know that in order to give your cat the perfect feline-friendly scratch experience, we had to create something that would keep their attention long after the initial scratch. The Switch Cat Scratcher transcends the conventional cat scratch session into a multifaceted feline experience.

In nature, cats scratch against tall, sturdy surfaces to keep their claws healthy and to stretch out their muscles. So we designed the Switch Cat Scratcher to be 20% taller than standard cat scratchers, and 50% taller than the average cat, to allow your cat a full body, endorphin-releasing stretch that leaves them feeling relaxed and loose-limbed.

Our designers wrapped the outside of the Switch Cat Scratcher in a strong, 100% biodegradable sisal to mimic the natural textures of the wild, giving your cat the ability to act on their innate instincts from the comfort of your home. The Switch has the necessary height, weight, and vertical grooves to give your cat a long, fluid scratch and full body workout.

But what truly sets the Switch Cat Scratcher apart is its remote-controllable LED lights. Cats are natural hunters and these adjustable lights mimic the elusive movements of their prey, activating their predatory instincts and providing incredible brain-training and mental stimulation. But, the fun doesn’t stop there – the Omlet Switch was crafted to allow you to tailor the play experience to your cat’s specific preferences, keeping them engaged and entertained for a good stretch every time.

Cat surrounded by light from the Switch Cat Scratcher

Switch vs. other scratchers

The Omlet Switch Cat Scratcher redefines feline furnishings with its ingenious, interactive light displays and meticulous engineering in every detail. Here are some of the ways the Switch stands out among all other cat scratchers:

  • Connects in colour: Equipped with 1260 ambient light settings, the Switch is just as much fun for humans as it is for cats. Choose from 12 light programs, 7 colour settings, 3 brightness displays, and 7-speed settings to create the perfect colourful experience for your cat.
  • Another dimension: Standing at 33” tall, the Switch is 20% taller and 50% bigger than regular cat scratchers. This elevated height and scratch field gives your cat a bigger and better cat scratching experience every time.
  • Scratcher with staying power: With the average lifespan of cats being 12-18 years, a new cat scratcher every two years means lots of waste in the landfill. So we made the Switch as sustainable as possible with a 100% biodegradable sisal sleeve and a scratch-proof, hardwearing bamboo base. The Switch is the only cat scratcher you’ll ever need.
  • Strong, silent type: With our unique anti-topple technology, the Switch was created with a lower centre of gravity, giving it more stability than regular cat scratchers. Even the strength of the biggest cat breeds is no match against the sturdy design of the Switch. 
  • Ingeniously engineered: The Switch is more than just a cat scratcher – it’s a boredom buster for you and your cat. With customizable and remote-controlled lights, you can switch off the TV, and switch on the Switch to connect and enjoy quality time with your cat.

Switch and sustainability

As cat owners and pet product designers, we’re committed to creating better, more sustainable options. The Switch Cat Scratcher was designed with sustainability very much in mind. Only the 100% biodegradable sisal sleeves will ever need replacing, whilst 86% of the product will last indefinitely. This means you can save up to 73 lbs of waste from going into the landfill over your cat’s lifespan. 

Will my cat and I be saving the world? Perhaps not, but you’ll be reducing landfill and having a ton of fun. With the Switch you can rest assured that by playing with your cat, you’re playing a part in living sustainably.

Omlet and your cat

At Omlet, we don’t just create products for the pet market, we drive change to make the pet product market better. To do that, we have to move beyond what has already been done and make space for products that work differently, and create magic moments between people and their pets. This thinking led to the Switch Cat Scratcher. So switch off from the routines of the everyday, and switch on a new way of connecting with your cat. You’ll soon wonder what you did without it. So disconnect from the routines of everyday life and connect your cat with a new cat scratching experience that’ll have you both wondering how you ever lived without it. 

Cat looking up at pink and blue lights on the Switch Cat Scratcher

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