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Best cat scratching posts: help your feline exercise & destress

Woman putting the sleeve on the Omlet Switch Cat Scratcher

If your beloved feline is turning your furniture into a scratching sanctuary, we have a stylish and practical answer. In this blog, we’ll unravel the mystery behind the best cat scratching posts, designed to save your furniture and satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. From sleek designs that blend seamlessly with your decor to supersized play stations for even the liveliest and biggest breeds, we’ve got you covered. Say hello to a harmonious household where your furry friend can happily scratch with the best scratching posts that will help your feline exercise and destress.

Why do cats need scratching posts?

Cats are natural scratchers; it’s an intrinsic behaviour that’s crucial for their well-being. So giving your cat a scratching post is more than just providing a new place to scratch; it serves as a designated outlet for their scratching urges, saving your sofa from becoming a shredded mess and their cat beds from being constantly clawed at. 

Furniture saviour: One of the best ways to divert your cat’s natural urge to scratch up your beloved sofa or bed is with a scratching post. Consider it your furniture preserver from claw-induced destruction.

Claw maintenance: Just like our nail clippers, scratching posts act as the manicurist for your cat’s claws. Regular scratching helps them shed the outer layers of their claws, keeping them healthy and preventing overgrowth.

Exercise central: Scratching posts aren’t just for scratching. They double up as exercise equipment for your cat. With various heights and textures, cat scratching posts encourage stretching, jumping, and climbing—keeping your furball physically fit and agile.

Stress buster: Cats scratch for various reasons, and one of them is stress relief. Having a scratching post available allows them to de-stress and mark their territory, establishing a sense of ownership and comfort in their own space.

The best materials to work your cat’s claws

When it comes to keeping your cat’s claws in top-notch condition, the choice of scratching post material is crucial. If cats could talk, they would say the material that works best for them to scratch is one that’s durable yet also allows for playful destruction. But because cat scratchers come wrapped in a variety of different materials such carpet, burlap, sisal, and cardboard, it can be hard to decide which is best for your feline friend. 

At Omlet, we selected sisal and cardboard as star materials for our cat scratching posts due to their cat-friendly features. Sisal’s hard-wearing nature ensures a post can endure countless scratching sessions, while maintaining its integrity for an extended period of time. Made from a durable natural fibre extracted from the agave plant, sisal offers a rough texture that’s feline-friendly for scratching. Its resilience stands the test of time and allows cats to dig their claws in without causing significant wear and tear.

Likewise, cardboard is a clever choice for scratching as its texture provides an irresistible invitation for cats. The layered construction and recyclability of the product offers a renewable and eco-friendly option, ensuring ongoing entertainment and a sustainable solution for both cats and their owners. In our commitment to providing cats with durable, enjoyable, and environmentally conscious scratching solutions, we believe sisal and cardboard are the best choices. 

What’s the best scratching post for large cats?

When it comes to bigger cat breeds, they need bigger scratching posts. But exactly how big? To get a proper stretch, cats need to extend their bodies fully mimicking their behaviour in the wild. For larger cats, the best scratching post boasts taller and thicker dimensions, providing an expanse that accommodates their size and strength. 

Plus, a thicker and more robust scratching post also ensures stability and durability, withstanding the powerful scratching force of larger cats. A sturdier post construction prevents wobbling or tipping over, providing a secure platform for them to exert their energy without concern. The Omlet Stak Cat Scratcher and the Omlet Switch Cat Scratcher are great options for large cats as the taller and sturdier dimensions provide an enriching and fulfilling scratching experience for even larger breeds.

With the Switch, we took cat scratching one step further by incorporating interactive LED lights within the post to allow for increased fun and entertainment for your cat. Not only are these customizable light shows great for your cat’s brain training, they help to engage their natural instincts of hunting as well. No matter your cat’s age or breed they are sure to fall in love with this innovative and playful post.

Two cats and the Stak Cat Scratcher

Top scratching post for small cats and kittens

For small cats and kittens, the best scratching posts are designed with their specific needs in mind, offering a range of options that cater to their petite size and playful nature. Scaled-down scratching posts with a lower height provide accessibility for tiny felines to comfortably reach and explore without any difficulty. So best to opt for a compact yet sturdy post that won’t overwhelm your small cat or kitten but can still provide a stable base for scratching and stretching.

A compact and sturdy scratcher like the Omlet Stak in Short can be great for kittens, and they will love being able to jump and reach the top even when they’re tiny. However, if you want to bring an element of interactive play to their scratch session, the Omlet Switch is a fantastic option with its 1200+ light modes to fascinate your feline for years to come. These post options prioritize safety, engagement, and adaptability, all designed to meet the unique needs of your tinier furry friends. 

Sustainable scratching posts at Omlet

Omlet takes sustainability to new heights with our innovative scratching posts. In order for us to challenge the pet care norm, we ask questions that make our designs better for you and your pet. Questions like, “Can a cat scratching post live forever?” Through ingenuity and our meticulous attention to what’s important, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and is found in our unique cat scratching post designs.

In our commitment to eco-friendliness, our approach is simple – design scratching posts with replaceable, sustainable refills. With the Stak Cat Scratcher, there’s no longer a need to replace the entire post. Simply switch out the worn-out cardboard layers with a new replaceable refill and your cat will be back to scratching in no time. 

Likewise, the Switch Cat Scratcher comes with replaceable sisal sleeves. As soon as the scratched area becomes too frayed or worn, just remove the old one and replace it with a new one while keeping the same post. This ingenious system not only reduces waste but also ensures a cost-effective and eco-conscious solution for pet owners. 

By choosing Omlet’s sustainable scratching posts, you not only contribute to a greener environment, but you also provide your feline companions with endless scratching fun. The refillable nature of these posts underscores Omlet’s dedication to reducing the carbon pawprint, offering a simple yet remarkable way to keep cats happily scratching without adding waste to the landfill.

Top tips to train your cat to use their post

Encouraging your cat to embrace regular scratching posts involves one part finesse and several parts feline psychology. Here are some top tips on how to encourage scratching on a scratching post instead of your furniture:

  • Strategically place the post in an area where your cat scratches the most. Have a cat that likes to scratch in multiple areas? Might be best to buy more than one post.
  • Introduce positive reinforcement by using cat treats placed on or near the post. Catnip is a great option as its fragrance is irresistible to most felines and will entice them to do just about anything.
  • Gently guide your cat to the post when you first place it in the designated area. This is a great time to connect with your furry friend and show them with your own hands how the post is a perfect place to scratch and stretch.
  • Redirection is key. If your cat starts to go back to previous habits of clawing your sofa, simply bring them back to the post to help redirect the behaviour there.
  • Patience, patience, patience. Cats are clever and it won’t take long for them to recognize the scratching post as a preferred spot to sink their claws into.

Cat care with Omlet

Omlet stands at the frontier of pet product innovation, continually breaking boundaries to create products that matter to both pet owners and their beloved cats. Our unique and sustainable cat scratching posts are just one way we exemplify this commitment by offering more than just a simple post. From sustainable, refillable options that minimize waste to posts designed specifically for cats of varying sizes and needs, Omlet’s creations redefine what a scratching post can be. It’s not just about a scratching post; it’s about elevating the pet ownership experience to remarkable new heights.

Cat lying down next to the Switch Cat Scratcher

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