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How to stop cats from scratching furniture

Cat holding on to Omlet Stak cat scratching

Owning a cat can bring so many wonderful experiences into your life. Like unconditional love, true companionship and the constant scratching of your furniture. But what if you want the first two experiences and not the last? How do you keep your cat from scratching on your furniture?

Well, you can’t stop a cat from doing what it’s made to do. Scratching is to cats like walking upright is to humans. But there is some good news. While you can’t stop your cat from acting on their innate behavior, there are several things you can do to keep them from scratching up your furniture.

Read on to learn some tips and tricks on how you can help your cat continue to be a cat and keep your couch looking like a couch.

3 reasons why cats scratch furniture

There are three main reasons why cats like to scratch. Born as a primal instinct, cats use scratching for both their health and territorial surroundings. Let’s have a closer look at why cats scratch on furniture:

  • To keep nails sharp.
    In the wild, cats scratch on trees and other hard surfaces as a way of giving themselves a manicure. Yes, cat’s like to have trimmed and pretty nails, too! The act of scratching actually removes the dead layers of the claws, allowing for the nails to stay sharp and ready for the next hunt, also known as “stropping”.
  • To mark their territory.
    If you have multiple cats, you may notice that they have specific areas that each cat likes to scratch. That’s because cats mark their territory every time they use their claws. With tiny scent glands that cover a cat’s paw, they spread their specific smell with each scratch letting other felines know that they have claimed that couch, chair or cat scratching post as their own.
  • To exercise.
    A scratch a day keeps the sore muscles away! Did you know that cats use scratching as a form of exercise? It’s true. Next time you see your cat on their hind legs, moving their arms back and forth in a scratching motion, imagine doing that same movement yourself. Quite the workout, isn’t it?

Are certain feline breeds more likely to scratch?

All cats scratch. Period. While certain cat breeds exhibit different behaviors than others, scratching is the one characteristic trait that remains universal. However, there are a few select breeds that can be more easily trained to stop scratching your furniture. So if you’re looking to get a cat that is more likely to lay on your couch than scratch it, here are 3 breeds to consider:

  • Scottish Fold: Considered an extremely endearing and affectionate breed, Scottish Fold cats love to spend time with their people. And because they respond so well to positive reinforcement and treats, they’re easily trained when it comes to not scratching up your furniture.
  • Ragdoll: The famed Ragdoll cat gets its name from their docile and lap-loving temperament. This breed tends to be very passive and, as a result, less likely to exhibit destructive scratching behaviors.
  • Persians: Known as the calm and quiet ones, Persians make great house cats as they love to be loved, give love and to be left alone in peace and quiet. Because this breed is not an anxious or overtly exploring type, they typically spend more time sleeping and less time scratching.

Tips to stop your cat from scratching furniture

Stopping your cat from scratching your furniture is kind of like stopping your toddler from drawing with crayons all over the house. It’s less about stopping the behavior, and more about finding ways to redirect or harness it. Let’s take a closer look at some of your feline’s favorite furniture pieces to scratch and how you can keep them off of it.

A Bengal cat looking up, using the scratcher on the Omlet Freestyle Cat Tree

Couch surfing, not couch scratching

So you just bought a beautiful new couch that you are excited to snuggle with your cat on but, instead, they think it’s a beautiful new scratching post. Fear not – there are options. You could try and stop the cat scratching altogether. But since we’ve already discovered that’s a near-impossible task, stop your cat from scratching your couch by redirecting their scratching to something else.

The Omlet Stak Cardboard Scratching Post is a great option to redirect couch scratching as it mimics everything your cat is looking for in a scratch experience. Designed on a vertical and sturdy frame, it’s tall like a couch to give your cat that ‘stand up to scratch’ feeling. The durable cardboard also resembles the strength of couch fabric so your cat will easily make the switch in no time.

Carpet is for walking, not scratching

Does your carpet have lots of frays from your feline friend? Chances are this means your cat prefers scratching on horizontal surfaces over vertical. So why not give your kitty what they want? By simply placing a horizontal wave cat scratcher by their cat bed, you can encourage your cat to have a more personalized scratching session and avoid scratching the carpet altogether. Now everyone is happy.

Wall scratching be gone

The walls in your home should be adorned with pictures of your pretty kitty – not with marks from their claws. So what do you do if your cat likes to scratch at your walls? Before you go out to get more paint from the store, consider this option. Most cats that scratch walls do so because they like the support from the sturdy wall while they file their nails.

So what if you could just specify one part of the wall as their territory? With the Omlet Stak Wall Mounted cat scratcher, you can! Give your cat the scratching experience they desire in a way that benefits them and your home. Simply mount the wall cat scratcher and let your cat discover a new way to enjoy a vertical scratch.

How Omlet Cat scratching posts encourage healthy habits

When it comes to catering to your cat’s natural behaviors, Omlet has you covered. One of the main reasons cats scratch anything is because it makes them feel good. That’s precisely why we challenged the norm when it came to our cat scratcher designs to provide a unique experience for your cat that also delivers healthy habits within your home.

Regular cat scratchers can be worn away quickly and when that happens, cats are more likely to move to the couch or the carpet to keep up the scratch. With the Stak Cat Scratcher designed by Omlet, the worn-away cardboard layers can be replaced with new refillable layers so your cat will always enjoy a feel-good scratch on their scratching post, and not your furniture.

We also know that cats have more interests than just scratching. With the Omlet Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree, you will not only give your cat the gift of scratching, but by incorporating our hammocks, steps and platforms, you will also better enable your cat’s curiosities. And don’t forget to keep lots of cat toys around so you can engage and better connect with your cat anytime.

Caring for your cat with Omlet

The beauty and wonder of cats is in the unique and interesting behaviors they possess. When you better understand them, as Omlet does, you can better suit their needs with products that matter. From indoor cat scratchers, to outdoor cat playgrounds, to snuggly cat beds and every cat product in between, we have what you need to satisfy your cat’s senses. Let Omlet keep your cat busy so you can keep your furniture looking good!

Cat wrapped around Omlet Stak cat scratching post

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