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Using a Topology dog bed with a puppy

Black Labrador Puppy on Omlet Topology Dog Bed with Quilted Topper

Choosing the right dog bed for your puppy can be tricky – or at least it used to be…Omlet’s Topology dog beds tick all boxes for your new best friend’s nap time needs, meaning you no longer need to compromise on what your puppy truly wants. Say goodbye to flimsy mattresses, chewed-up toppers and bad bed odours and discover why Topology is the perfect solution.

Comes in three different sizes

Depending on your dog’s breed, your puppy might be super small at the moment, but they’ll quickly grow up to be a full-sized dog before you know it. And since the Topology dog bed is the last you’ll buy, we recommend buying a bed based on their predicted measurements as a fully-grown adult dog. You want to make sure that your dog will be able to fit on the bed in all possible sleeping positions. The bed might look comfy when they’re curled up into a furry little ball, but would they be able to stretch out their legs if they wanted to? As they grow older you’ll find which positions they tend to sleep in, but for now, it’s best to go slightly bigger to be on the safe side.

The Topology dog beds come in three sizes to accommodate all breeds and are designed to fit snugly into standard-sized crates, avoiding any gaps along the sides. Just be sure that if you’re planning on dog crate training and want to put your bed in the crate, check your dog’s crate dimensions to ensure it fits. Take a look at our dog size guide so that you can match your breed to the right bed.

Choose from a range of removable toppers

The genius of the Topology design means that you can choose a range of versatile dog bed toppers which can all easily be removed to put in the wash, reducing odours and improving home hygiene.

For puppies, we recommend the Quilted topper, designed by Omlet with razor-sharp puppy teeth in mind. This super soft topper means optimum comfort for dogs of all ages and the durable fabric with the option to zip a puppy pad underneath, makes this style perfect for growing dogs. 

Whilst your Quilted topper is being washed clean, you can choose an extra topper to zip onto your Topology dog bed. The Sheepskin topper is ideal for smaller puppies that might need a bit of extra warmth, transforming their bed into a cloud of tranquillity. Plus, you can pick from five different colours of this luxurious topper to match your home decor.

Minimise chewing damage

All puppies will chew – there’s no way around it. Dog breeds such as Golden Retrievers that are bred to use their mouths to fetch and carry are more likely to destroy anything that comes in their way, as well as breeds with a high prey drive. 

You can of course train your puppy from an early age to only chew appropriate dog toys or other accessories, but if they do manage to get those sharp teeth into their bed, the design of the Topology dog bed means they’ll likely be unsuccessful in getting through the topper or mattress.

No need to worry about dirt and accidents

Puppies get into all sorts of mess, so being able to zip off the topper and put it in the washing machine will make your life a lot easier, and your dog will appreciate having a fresh bed to return to. 

This goes for puppy toilet accidents as well. If there’s a leak, the mattress under the topper has a waterproof cover that you can easily remove and wash with the topper. If this becomes a recurring problem, you can even put a puppy training pad on the mattress before your zip on the topper to soak up any accidents.

Provide premium comfort

Puppies sleep up to 20 hours a day, and it’s super important to give their growing bodies extreme comfort and support. Keeping your dog off the ground on a sufficiently padded surface can prevent severe arthritic pain in the future, so make sure you choose a good-quality bed.

Topology dog beds have a memory foam mattress that moulds around the body as the dog lays down on it, and provides amazing support for tired legs after vigorous play. The toppers all add extra comfort, either by super softness against the body, like the Quilted or the Sheepskin, or by extra padding like in the Beanbag or Bolster toppers.

Pick the perfect extras

If you decide not to place your puppy’s bed in a crate, you can elevate your Topology off the ground with a range of stylish feet. Raising your dog’s mattress reduces drafts and improves the airflow under the bed, which helps minimise a build-up of mould, mildew, dust and debris.

It’s also a good idea to add a blanket to the bed to make your puppy’s Topology dog bed for an even better night’s sleep. Simply place your Omlet Super Soft dog blanket on your puppy’s bed and they’ll soon learn to associate it with a safe and calm environment. This means that if you go away on holiday or have to take your puppy to the vet for their jabs, you can bring the blanket and give him or her an extra sense of safety. 

Omlet and your puppy

We’re confident that your new puppy will love their Topology dog bed, and you can be confident knowing you’ll have a dog bed to last a lifetime. Plus, with accessories such as designer dog bed feet and super snug dog blankets, your furry friend will be sure to have their own puppy paradise for years to come.

Brown puppy on Omlet Topology Dog Bed with Quilted Topper

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