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Do Plastic Chicken Houses get hot?

hot weatherI get asked this question A LOT, and the answer is yes plastic chicken houses do get hot in the heat, but so do wooden ones.  Just because a chook house is made from plastic it doesn’t mean that it will heat up more and boil your chooks.

With the Omlet Eglu houses they are double insulated, which means that they keep the inside of the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  Now to clarify the double insulation in summer does not mean that your chickens will be living in a fridge!  It is probably around 5 -10 degrees cooler in the house versa outside depending on where the house is situated.

Heat is something that you need to be careful with in the hot temperatures of Australia, chickens can easily overheat if…..

– There are too many squashed into a house at night
– Their water isn’t cool – did you know chickens won’t drink hot water, they’d rather die!
– They can’t get to their water, i.e. they have to go from the shade to the hot sunshine to get it

Tips for Keeping Your Chicken House Cool in the Heat

cool chook house– Keep their house out of the direct sun, this sounds obvious, but can get forgotten.  In the shade or under a tree are both good spots
– Place the house where it will get some natural breeze
– Make sure that the house has ventilation, not so that they get drafts, but so that the air inside circulates at night
– If you can put a small fan in the house to circulate the air – just make sure that the chickens can’t run into it you don’t want any accidents


chicken in a bathTips for Keeping Your Chicken Run Cool in hot weather

– Use a shade cloth, and/or keep the run in the shade
– In hot weather use a mister to spray a fine film of water into the run
– Create a foot bath for the chooks to stand in to cool off
– Freeze blocks of ice (e.g. in an old ice cream container) which can be put in the run for them to stand on and peck at
– Make sure they have a dust bath to cool off in
– If there is no breeze put a fan up to help circulate the air

There are also lots of great treats you can feed your chooks in hot weather to keep them cool…  More to follow on that another time.  If you have any tips I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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