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Hen pecking

If your chickens are pecking at the fence or run wire it may be because they are bored.

Chickens are pretty intelligent animals and are a bit like children who are bored, they turn a bit naughty!  This naughtiness might be in the form of pecking through their fence if is a nylon one.

Why Do Chickens Get Bored?

A bit like us it is because they have nothing to entertain them…  The reasons they get bored can be because:

  • There is nothing to peck at in their run, maybe the grass has all gone
  • You have had to move them into a smaller run or area due to colder weather
  • Their run is just dirt, nothing interesting in there for them




hanging parrot toy

Ideas to Help Prevent Chicken Boredom:

  • Hang up a bird feeder with vegetable leaves in it
  • Hang up a whole cabbage, the fun with this is that it moves around as it is pecked which makes it harder for the chicken
  • Use something like broccoli and hang it so that the chickens have to jump to reach it, exercise, entertainment and food in one!
  • Hang up bird toys that you would buy for parrots, you could easily make one of these as well
  • Hang up a mirror, they love looking at themselves – they find it fascinating
  • Throw in some straw or hay with a handful of sunflower seeds or mealworms for them to peck around and find
  • Fill an empty plastic bottle with chicken scratch, then piece the sides with holes so that the chickens have to roll the bottle around to get the scratch
  • Add a dust bath to the run, this can be as simple as a container filled with sand
  • Freeze treats like sweetcorn into ice cubes so they have to peck through the ice to get the corn
  • Hang up old cds so that they move in the breeze
  • Add extra perches, this can be an old wooden crate or a tree stump, it doesn’t need to be fancy
  • Add a chicken swing, hours of entertainment swinging to and fro

chicken swinging

What do you do to keep your chooks entertained?








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