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Which Topology topper should you get for spring?

Dachshund moving on to their Sheepskin topper on the Omlet Topology dog bed

When it comes to your furry friends, we believe they deserve nothing but the best. This is why we created the Topology dog bed – a revolutionary pet bedding solution that has already changed the way pet parents care for their four-legged companion. The Topology dog bed isn’t just an ordinary dog bed – it’s a commitment to comfort and versatility that will last a lifetime. Crafted with precision and love, our unique interchangeable toppers allow you to tailor your dog’s sleeping experience to match the ever-changing weather and seasons. So as winter is fading into a new season, let us help you decide which Topology topper you should get for spring.

How does the Topology dog bed work?

Quality and longevity are at the heart of our design philosophy with the Topology dog bed. Built to withstand the rigours of your dog’s life, our exclusive memory foam mattress base provides a supportive and dreamy sleep that moulds to your dog’s body and creates unparalleled comfort. But our designers went even further in perfecting the ultimate dog bed. In order to perfect comfort, we created a dog bed that would look great in homes as well by not compromising on style. 

Say goodbye to constantly replacing your dog’s bed as the seasons shift. With the Topology dog bed, you can effortlessly switch between our wide range of topper options all year long to give your dog, and your home, that new fresh feel. Our range of toppers provides the perfect balance of comfort, temperature regulation, and durability, ensuring your pup stays content and relaxed year-round.

We also thought beyond the confines of the ordinary dog bed to create custom options that allow you to raise your dog’s comfort – literally. The exclusive Omlet dog bed feet are designed to bring new heights of style and relaxation to your dog’s sleep while simultaneously increasing airflow, eliminating dust build-up, and creating a healthier sleeping environment. The Topology dog bed is more than just a place for your dog to sleep – it’s a custom-created sleep environment that’ll always make them feel at home.

Brown dog sleeping on Omlet Topology dog bed with Microfiber brown topper

Which Topology topper is best for spring?

As the chilly air turns warmer, we welcome the changing of weather into spring. But how do you make sure your dog starts off the season right? The Topology dog bed is a springtime essential for any dog and choosing the right topper means considering their comfort, needs, and preferences that accompany this new weather.

Beanbag Topology topper

The Topology Beanbag topper is a plush, yet hard-wearing, topper that’s the perfect spring companion for your dog. Constructed with unparalleled comfort, this topper mimics the softness and warmth of a bean bag chair. Opt for the crisp yellow shade, and this colour will add beauty to your interior spring decor, making this the perfect choice for a new season and new dog bed topper.

Microfiber Topology topper

When spring brings rain and dampness, your dog deserves a comfortable and dry place to rest. The Microfibre Topology topper is the perfect option with its fast-absorbing material that easily soaks up water and mud from damp fur and paws that accompany sunny springtime walks. There’s no more soggy bedding with this quick-drying topper, that keeps your dog will keep comfortable in no time. And just like every Topology dog bed topper, the Microfiber topper is easy to remove and toss in the washing machine for hassle-free dog bed cleaning and care

Sheepskin Topology topper

The Sheepskin Topology topper is the ultimate choice to keep your dog cosy and comfortable this season with its luxurious softness and insulating warmth for the early and chillier days of spring. Create a welcoming haven for your furry friend with this topper that allows them to curl up in a peaceful slumber. Beyond its functionality, the Sheepskin topper adds an element of sophistication to your dog’s domain. Choose from three different sizes and multiple shades to complement your home decor. 

Omlet and your dog’s bed

This spring, Omlet is your one-stop destination for ensuring your dog stays comfortable, and cool, whilst staying cosy as we transition into a new season. Start your dog’s season off right with the Topology dog bed which is the heart of our collection. Next, choose a versatile Topology topper from our wide range of styles and colours to match your dog’s specific level of comfort and needs. Add a Luxury dog blanket to go on top and – voila – you just created the ultimate spring-ready doggy comfort zone. All that’s left to do is enjoy the new season with your favourite pup.

Dachshund lying on yellow Beanbag topper on Omlet Topology dog bed

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