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The best dog bed to suit your spring decor

Dachshund looking at camera, lying on Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Springtime is nearly here, and as we leave the chillier days behind us, we can look ahead to everything the upcoming season brings. This time of year also marks the perfect occasion for new beginnings, with home renovation projects at the top of many lists of things to start on. Whether you’re doing a full house makeover for spring, or picking up the paintbrush for a wall refresh, your dog’s furniture should get a thought too. Discover your dog’s next and last bed to suit your spring decor with Omlet’s Bolster bed.

Meet your match

Omlet’s Bolster dog bed is available in 15 striking colours. Plus, choose from a range of 9 chic dog feet options to elevate your home decor to another level and improve home hygiene. So, which Bolster bed colour is best suited to your and your dog’s springtime retreat?

Subtle spring tones

If a subtle look is how you’re envisioning your home this spring, then Omlet has the dog bed for you. Our calming Merigune White Bolster design works great at creating a relaxing atmosphere to welcome in the new season. Or how about the Stone Grey  Bolster dog bed to suit a neutral interior? 

Worried about cleaning muddy pawprints? Omlet’s Bolster dog beds are super easy to clean, with a removable, machine-washable cover that means beds get back to looking brand new in just one gentle cycle.

A pop of green

Add a pop of green to your home with either the Matcha Green, Sage Green or Light Jade designs. These stylish shades are the perfect nod to spring as the luscious greenery makes its appearance again. Plus, these beautiful designs look fantastic paired with any of our sophisticated gold feet options.

Be bold

Inspired by the brighter colours of spring? Opt for the Mellow Yellow or Cherry Red Bolster bed. These bold colours are bound to command attention and look great within a maximalist-decorated home.

Accessories to suit

Whether you’ve decided on a chic Light Jade or bold Mellow Yellow to incorporate into your spring decor, you’ll need accessories to match. As we transition into the new season, we still have a few cooler days ahead and the remaining chilly nights still call for you and your dog to wrap up warm. Our Super Soft Dog Blanket is excellent for just that, offering comfort and style. Switch from a luxury sherpa material to a charcoal grey or poinsettia red quilted plush on the reverse, all while protecting your furniture from dirt and debris. 

As the weather warms up, switch out your dog’s blanket for a dog cooling mat to keep temperatures down. Our cooling mat slots right on top of our Bolster dog beds, meaning that your dog will still be able to enjoy the premium cushioning from their bed, whilst staying cool. The sleek design of the cooling mat also means you’ll subtly be able to fit it in with the rest of your brand-new spring decor.

Memory foam support

Having a dog bed that looks great is one thing, but one that does great too, is another. At Omlet, we know the importance of getting both just right, which is why our product designers carefully crafted a dog bed that does it all. 

The deep, memory foam mattress of the Bolster dog bed offers unrivalled comfort for your dog – especially important for ensuring quality snooze time after those long walks. Exercising your dog all year round is key to ensuring your four-legged friend is physically and mentally stimulated. But, we also understand that darker, shorter and colder days of winter mean that it’s not always possible to get out for those extra-long walkies. Now that spring is upon us, though, it’s the ideal time to spend more time outdoors with your dog, making the most of this wonderful climate. And what better than a memory foam cushioned dog bed for Fido to rest their paws on after a long springtime walk? The bed is ideal for older dogs or those with joint pain too, providing an extra layer of support.

Omlet and your dog

At Omlet, we’re pet people, which is why we continue to design solutions for our furry and feathered companions – and their parents. From super comfy dog beds that match your spring furnishings to cosy dog blankets or cooling mats to beat the heat, Omlet has created products to ensure you and Fido enjoy the rest of the year ahead.

Dog on Omlet Bolster dog bed in Stone Grey

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