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The Anxiety Dog Beds for Anxious Pups

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An anxiety dog bed can help to soothe your pup and give them a calm place to rest and recuperate. Anxiety is an issue that affects many dogs. Some breeds are prone to nervousness, and some individual dogs may have had a tough puppyhood that results in anxiety as an adult. Others may have issues such as joint pain that require extra comfort and a cosy corner. Our guide to anxiety dog beds could help you decide whether your dog would benefit from one, and the best choice for your dog to slumber.

Symptoms of anxiety in dogs

Before investing in a dog bed to help ease anxiety, you may need to identify if your pet has anxiety. Understanding your dog’s body language will help you identify a problem. The symptoms of anxiety in a dog or puppy may include:

  • Hiding
  • ‘Burrowing’ under blankets, cushions or on a bed (the dog bed or the owner’s bed!)
  • ‘Cringing’ (with the tail between the legs)

Some dogs will express anxiety through the following:

  • Whining and whimpering
  • Panting when there has been no energetic activity
  • Shivering
  • Jumping 
  • Occasionally an anxious dog may even express itself through nipping and snapping.

Whilst a comfy dog bed can help to ease symptoms, if you’re concerned that your dog is showing any of these signs, you may wish to have them checked by a vet. 

What can calm an anxious dog?

Treating dog anxiety is not a straightforward issue, neither in humans nor dogs. While humans can talk to someone about the issue and receive good advice, the options for a dog are more limited. Positive training can go a long way towards reducing dog anxiety and boosting confidence. Whilst a calm environment can have a very positive impact, too. A soothing dog bed can make a big difference here, giving your pet a safe place to unwind and relieve anxieties.

Dog anxiety often stems from puppyhood stress. With rescue dogs, the events in the early months of your pet’s life are often unknown. Dog anxiety is usually linked to separation, though. Out and out abuse manifests as fear and lack of confidence in dogs, but anxiety is something slightly different. A high quality calming anxiety dog bed can help pets with a mild form of separation anxiety. That is, if your dog frets when left alone, or is particularly ‘clingy’ with one member of the family.

Dog anxiety can also be brought on by discomfort. Many dogs suffer from joint pains, notably in the hips as they grow older. Lying on a blanket or a thin dog bed that’s too small will not give these dogs the comfort they need for a good night’s sleep. Which leads to a vicious circle of anxiety-inducing poor sleep and stress. An anxiety dog bed is designed to give your pet the support they and their joints need for a peaceful rest. Which could in turn help to lower their anxiety levels. Choosing the right dog bed for your pet involves a number of factors from the size, to how easy the dog bed is to wash, to material, and colour. 

How an anxiety dog bed can help

A comfortable anxiety dog bed provides your worried pup with that all-important sense of security. Such dog beds may feature orthopaedic padding, dog blankets or quilts for really snuggling down, extra-soft cushions and raised sides for resting a lazy head on.

Even the best anxiety dog beds alone will not ‘cure’ a pup’s anxiety. They need to be part of a general dog-friendly environment. Combined with a consistent behavioural dog training program, a healthy diet, supplements, and – if absolutely necessary – medication. Anxiety dog beds, then, are where dog owners should start when addressing anxiety issues, but they are only part of the wider solution.

4 characteristics of an anxiety dog bed

For those searching for a soothing dog bed to help ease their pet’s anxiety, these are a few key features you should look out for:

  • A raised outer border – the enclosed shape will help your pup feel safe and secure. 
  • Machine washable – having a dog bed that can be cleaned easily means your pet will always have a clean, comfy place to relax.
  • Super soft – just like humans, dogs enjoy soft fabrics and this can help soothe them. You can always add a luxury sheepskin dog blanket for extra comfort.
  • Memory foam – having an ultra comfortable mattress on their anxiety easing bed can help your pet feel at ease.

Choosing the right anxiety dog bed

Every dog is different and so requires a slightly different dog bed to soothe anxieties. Here are our top things to consider when choosing an anxiety soothing bed for your dog:

  • Size – Every breed of dog has a different size, from very small dogs such as chihuahuas, to very big dogs like Bernese Mountain Dogs. Choosing a small, medium, or large dog bed that will fit your dog comfortably is especially important for those pets with anxiety.
  • Material – Make sure the bed has a soft material that your pup will love lying down on.
  • Colour – Whilst the vital part of a dog bed for anxiety is that it fits your pet’s needs, you may also wish for it to suit your interior. Our range of beds for pets come in a wide range of colours perfect for every home.

Finding the perfect spot for your anxious dog’s bed

The central part of a calm environment for dogs is the bed. The location of the pet bed is important. It needs to be somewhere relatively quiet, where the dog can feel safe and in control. The design of a bed for dogs is equally important, and a comfortable dog mattress is the beginning, rather than the end of the story.

So, what type of bed does a dog prefer? For many dogs, a bed is simply the place where they lie down and sleep. It doesn’t even have to be the same spot each night. Some dogs like to spend one night on their allocated bed, the next night in a cool spot on the kitchen floor, and the next night your pet may want to share a bed with you. But with anxious dogs, consistency is important, and the right anxiety dog bed in the right place is the key.

An anti-anxiety dog bed can actively reduce stress and worry. When combined with anti-stress training, the anxiety dog bed can go a long way towards eliminating the issue. Calming supplements can also help, and in extreme cases, a vet will recommend anti-stress medication, too.

Do anxiety beds for dogs work?

An anti-anxiety dog bed is all about giving dogs and puppies a sense of security, reinforced by sheer comfort. The key is in the design of anxiety dog beds, and there are many models to choose from. The best options include dog beds that go the extra mile to enhance your dog’s comfort, including features such as a removable cover, orthopaedic foam, memory foam, and a washable cover (machine washable, ideally). Dogs love their comfort, and a consistently good night’s sleep, after all, is one of the best ways to tackle and reduce their anxiety.

Comfy, soothing dog beds from Omlet

We have two types of dog bed that could be used to calm anxious pups:

  • Topology Luxury Dog Beds – Designed to be easy to clean, and super comfy with a memory foam mattress, this anxiety dog bed is a cosy place for your pup. Available in three different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for the dog breed you own.
  • Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed – The Bolster dog bed for anxiety is set apart by its high sides that are the ideal place for your pup to snuggle or rest its head.

A top class calming dog bed won’t cure dog or pup anxiety on its own. But a good night’s sleep is half the battle. Providing the dog with a comfortable start and end to each day, making the rest of the anti-anxiety routine a little bit easier.

Introducing Omlet petcare

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Terrier asleep on Omlet Sheepskin Blanket on Bolster Dog Bed

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