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Essential Dog Care Products

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Any dog-loving pet parent will agree that when it comes to our pets, dogs are part of the family, too! And just as we prioritize good hygiene for ourselves, it’s important to keep up good hygiene for our four-legged family members as well.

But what is involved in “good dog hygiene”? Are you supposed to brush your dog’s teeth every day? Or give them a weekly bath? Should dogs have their own skincare routine? We are here to sort out the essential dog care products so you can rest assured you are supporting your dog’s health and hygiene as much as your own!

Pup-ular essentials

Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned pet parent, you know that bathing and hygiene are important components of caring for your dog. But did you know that properly caring for your dog’s hygiene requires more than just a bath every few weeks? Support of your dog’s overall health should be inclusive of several key factors:


The best hygiene regimen for your dog is really dependent upon your dog’s specific lifestyle, breed, and any underlying medical conditions. Dogs who like to roll in the dirt daily may need baths more frequently than those that are couch pup-tatoes. And if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies it is always best to consult with your vet on bath time needs and routines. 

But bathing your dog isn’t the only aspect of hygiene! Sure, they need a good shampoo that is effective in getting rid of dirt and fleas, but don’t forget their teeth! Doggy dental care is just as essential to your dog’s health as it not only prevents possible gum and tooth pain, but also helps to avoid any bacteria build-up in the mouth that could potentially grow and spread. So be sure fido flosses weekly!

Leashes / Harnesses

Having a durable and study leash or harness is an essential “must have” dog care product for every dog-loving pet parent. One of the best parts of owning a dog is getting to go out and enjoy walks with them and explore! Exercise is an important part of your dog’s overall health as it will keep them young and healthy longer! 

Whether you are buying a leash or harness for your dog, it’s important that you find one that fits their size and is comfortable for them to wear. Leashes also provide security for your dog so they don’t roam into harmful areas when out on a walk! Remember, happy tails are found on outside trails and most require dogs to be on a leash!


It should go without saying that proper nutrition is an essential dog care product no matter the breed or age of dog! Just like humans, dogs feel their best when they are eating proper nutrition. We know that an unhealthy meal can make us feel sluggish and tired. Same goes for our dogs! To maintain a healthy life, most dogs require a balanced diet that includes a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. And be sure to always consult your vet on your dog’s specific needs and diet requirements.

Dog bedding

We know that dogs like to sleep a lot! That is precisely why a good dog bed is an essential dog care product to buy. Having a bed to call their own that is comfortable can make all the difference in the life of your dog! When it comes to good hygiene, the most important part of the dog bed is keeping the cover clean. Washing the bed topper and doggy blankets weekly is a good way to keep bed bugs at bay! So be sure your dog bed cover is removable and washable. And remember, a well-slept pup is a well-kept pup! 

Importance of Hygiene

We know that bathing and dental care is important for our dog’s health, but what exactly is expected in a good hygiene routine? 


Even if you only bathe your dog once a month, it is important that you brush their coat at least a few times a week. This practice not only feels good for most dogs, but helps to eliminate excess fur and allows their skin to breathe better. Long-haired dogs, such as Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands, may require daily brushing, whereas short-haired Boxers and Beagles don’t need as much! So depending on your dog’s breed and coat, either a brush or a comb will work well in your dog care essentials.


Do you drink out of the same glass of water every day without cleaning or refilling it? We didn’t think so! Well, guess what? Your dog shouldn’t be either! It is important to the overall health of your dog to wash their food and water bowls daily to clean out any dirt and bacteria build-up. Stainless steel and melamine bowls are among the best choices for water bowls as they are easier to clean and don’t capture the bacteria as much as plastic bowls. The Omlet Bowl is a great option as it is both dishwasher safe and stylish!


On average, most humans wash their bed sheets at least once a week. But what about your dog’s bed cover? The same reasons you wash your own sheets are why you should also wash fido’s! The Omlet Topology Luxury Dog Bed is a great option thanks to the removable, washable toppers! Literally just unzip the top cover and throw it in the washing machine to do the dirty work, and in the meantime zip on a fresh topper so your pup is never without their dog bed. We also suggest frequently washing your dog’s favourite toys in warm soapy water to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria.

Higher maintenance hygiene

All dogs need good hygiene, but some may require more care than others! Certain breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Dalmatians, and Boxers tend to be more allergy prone. These dogs can often have skin irritations or other allergy related issues that may require more frequent bathing and care. In that case, oatmeal or medicated shampoos may be needed for the best cleaning. Your vet can help you create the best bathing and grooming schedule for your dog based on his specific needs.

Other breeds that may require a higher maintenance hygiene regimen are those with specific physical traits like flat-noses or curly tails. Bulldogs and Pugs are examples of dogs that require greater hygiene around their faces to ensure proper care and cleaning. Bacteria likes to hide in the folds and creases of the flat-nosed faces so a good cleaning to these areas is imperative! Likewise, Akita’s and Chow’s will need more attention paid to their tails when grooming. Just like the flat-nose breeds, curly-tail breeds can attract bacteria to the folds of the tail so wash that area well to avoid any dermatitis or irritation.

New puppy checklist

When it comes to puppies, their dog care product list is very similar to adult dogs. You want to be sure you provide them good nutrition, a well-fit leash or harness, a comfortable bed, and of course, good hygienic care. Some additional essential products to add to the puppy care list would be a secure dog crate for training and mini dog treats for rewarding new learned behaviours. And having a few hard rubber dog toys on hand is a must for those sharp puppy teeth!

When it comes to bathing a puppy, avoid giving them a bath more than once a month. At this early stage of life, puppies are still developing their natural oils on the skin and fur so too much bathing can strip away those oils quickly. Also, be sure to use lukewarm water in your puppy tubby time – the warmer sensation reminds them of their mother’s natural licking which will, in turn, provide a better sense of calm at bath time!

Whether you are an experienced pet parent or a brand new dog owner, having the essentials in dog care products is important for your dog’s health. Pet parents need to consider their dog’s individual needs and buy products specific to their breed, age and lifestyle. These essential dog care products will better provide a healthy, happy life for your four-legged friend, but the most important of all is the love they get from you!

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