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Doga: is it possible to do yoga with your dog?

Woman sat on a mat doing doga with her dog

Taking your dog on a long walk is one way to help you both relax, but sometimes, it isn’t always possible to get outside, which means finding other ways to stimulate your furry friend from the comfort of home. Introducing doga…

What is Doga and what do you need?

You’ve probably already heard of yoga, but what about doga? Born in the United States in the early 2000s, dog yoga, AKA doga has quickly spread across the globe. This activity is an opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with your dog and keep fido entertained.

To begin your doga journey, you’ll simply need a yoga mat and a comfortable outfit! This sport can be practised outside, but if the weather isn’t looking great, it’s just as fun to have a go indoors, too! If you do choose to carry out your session inside, make sure to stick to a room your dog feels comfortable in and is familiar with. Having a routine for your dog gives your pet confidence, and they’ll soon associate the yoga mat and the room with spending a moment of relaxation just with you.

The benefits of doga

Doga largely incorporates the benefits of yoga: relaxation, concentration, meditation, and refocusing on yourself. And when done with your dog, it brings new advantages.

Make your dog’s day more zen

Our dogs know when we’re stressed, and picking up on these behaviours in turn affects their mood, too. But, by taking time to breathe and relax with a spot of doga, both you and fido can destress.

There’s no specific doga rulebook, which means tailoring your sessions to meet you and your dog’s needs. If during the earlier sessions, your pup would prefer to stay by your side without joining in, don’t force them. Remember – it’s supposed to be fun for you both.

Learn to speak dog

Well…kind of! Guiding your dog throughout the doga session means taking the lead and communicating to your dog what you would like them to do, just as you would teaching them a new trick. Repetition is the key to a successful session with your dog and adding this new activity to your schedule will be an opportunity for you to enjoy your dog’s company while strengthening how you interact with one another.

Improves sleep

Dogs love to sleep and we know just how important it is for them to get plenty of shuteye. If your dog is struggling to settle into a sleeping pattern, a physically and mentally stimulating activity like doga is one way to help them out. And don’t forget after a workout session to treat fido to a dreamy Omlet Dog bed to upgrade their sleep to another level!

Can my dog do doga?

Doga is made for all types of dogs – young, old, large, and small! Doga can be especially useful for older dogs or dogs that suffer from arthritis. But please note, if you have any concerns about your dog’s condition before beginning doga, consult your vet. Stretching, if done correctly, and massages can have real positive impacts on your dog’s body.

How to practice doga

To get started, take a look at our top book recommendations and videos for the best ways to practice doga.

It’s essential to spend time with your dog so that they can develop to their full potential. Just doing one doga session alone won’t suddenly improve your relationship with your pet pooch, but once you establish this activity as a routine not only for you but also for your pet, you may well be surprised at the benefits you can derive from it.

In addition to this fun activity, don’t forget that the well-being of your dog depends on a balanced diet, daily walks and special attention to their needs.

Screenshot of video of woman teaching doga

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