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Should I keep my eggs in the fridge

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This is a question I get asked A LOT…  The answer is YES AND NO!  Have I confused you yet?  Well according to my eggpert source, a food scientist eggs can be kept in or out of the fridge.  

In or Out?

The challenge with eggs is that the shells are permeable, so if you get your eggs and keep them in the fridge, then you need to keep them in the fridge from then on.  However, if you keep your eggs on the counter for a few days and then decide to put them in the fridge this is a no-no.

By moving your eggs from warm to cold or from cold to warm it allows bacteria to potentially pass through the shell into the egg which could mean salmonella poisoning.  You are fine if you are just getting them out of the fridge to cook with and they are out for minutes, but you don’t want them out for hours before.

So whether you decide to keep your eggs in the fridge or show them off on the counter it is completely your call.

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2 replies on “Should I keep my eggs in the fridge”

Maggie Brown says:

I have a couple of questions following your article.
The eggs start off in the nestbox and could be there for a few hours before they are collected. This means they go from warm to cold if they are put in the fridge. Is this a reason for them NOT to be put in the fridge at all?

Another question – what about hot summer days – above 40 degrees – still OK not in the fridge?

Vicki says:

Does this mean that putting store bought eggs, which are not refrigerated instore, into the fridge after purchase is also a no no? I imagine this would be the equivalent of keeping them on the benchtop for a few days, as some of the more expensive ‘footloose’ style brands don’t sell as quickly as cheap eggs.

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