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Is Your Cat Killing Native Wildlife?

There are a lot of news stories at the moment in Australia about cats killing native wildlife.  It is estimated that there are 20 million feral cats in Australia and they kill approximately 75 million native animals a day – each feral cat kills between 5-30 animals per day. While they appear to prefer small mammals, they also eat birds, reptiles and amphibians (source: Australian Wildlife Conservancy).

Obviously there is not much us as individuals can do about the feral cat situation, except of course don’t feed them, that is something that needs to be sorted out at a government level.  But we can make sure that our pet cats don’t contribute to the killing of native wildlife.

You might be reading this thinking “but my kittykins wouldn’t do that” and maybe he or she wouldn’t but, do you know what they get up to when you aren’t around?  Cats are natural hunters and noctural – they hunt at night.  Usually we are tucked up in bed when our little darlings are outside potentially terrorising the local wildlife. (more…)

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