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How to keep indoor cats active

Indoor cat keeping active by playing with cat toy in the Freestyle hammock

As cat lovers, we want the best for our feline friends. Yet, in a world with potential hazards and dangers, keeping our beloved pets safe indoors often seems like the best option. However, while the indoors provide safety, it’s equally important to ensure our indoor cats remain active and engaged and lead fulfilling lives. In this blog, we’ll explore various strategies and products to keep indoor cats active and entertained, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

Indoor cats

Keeping cats indoors can help keep them safe and, with the right measure, can give them a full and active lifestyle. Some breeds in particular are better suited to indoor life, such as ragdolls, British shorthairs and siamese as they are more docile than other cats. While letting your cat loose on the outside world has its appeal, there are risks to their health and safety that come with roaming free.

A big one for many cat owners is traffic – cars and cats don’t mix and, particularly when they are still young and finding their feet, traffic accidents pose a significant threat that is almost impossible to effectively safeguard against. There is also the risk of confrontation with other, aggressive animals, from the neighbourhood’s dominant tom cat to feral foxes. Exposure to disease and ingestion of toxic substances can also pose a risk.

By keeping cats indoors, you can shield your furry friend from these dangers and provide a secure environment where they can thrive. Moreover, indoor cats are less likely to contribute to the decline of native wildlife populations, as they won’t hunt birds or small mammals. Indoor living provides a controlled environment where you can monitor your cat’s health and safety more effectively, ultimately increasing the odds of a longer and healthier life.

Indoor stay is good for play

Contrary to popular belief, indoor cats can still lead fulfilling lives full of fun and stimulation. 

Indoor play is the key to keeping our feline friends engaged and mentally strong throughout the day. By providing a variety of interactive cat toys and cat climbing structures, you can mimic the excitement and challenges of the outdoor environment within the safety of your home. 

From chasing feather wands to pouncing on laser pointers, indoor play taps into cats’ natural instincts, keeping them physically active and mentally sharp. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to bond with your furry companion while also ensuring they get the exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight and mindset. So, whether it’s a game of hide-and-seek or a round of fetch with their favourite toy mouse, indoor playtime offers endless opportunities for fun and enrichment that cats truly adore.

Outdoor options for indoor cats

For indoor cats craving a taste of the great outdoors, the Catio outdoor cat enclosure designed by Omlet is a game-changer. This ingeniously designed enclosure provides a safe and controlled environment where our feline friends can satisfy their natural instincts while remaining protected from the various hazards lurking beyond our doorsteps. With ample space to roam, climb, and bask in the sunshine, cats can explore the sights, sounds, and scents of nature without the worry of traffic accidents or encounters with other animals. 

What’s more, the Catio allows you the opportunity to actively participate in your feline friend’s outdoor adventures, whether it’s by lounging alongside them, playing with interactive toys, or simply enjoying the fresh air together. It’s the perfect compromise, bridging the gap between indoor safety and outdoor exploration, ensuring that your beloved companion leads a fulfilling and enriched life. Add a Catio Tunnel to connect your Catio to your house and give your feline the ability to live out their life and natural instincts on their terms. It’s the perfect compromise, bridging the gap between indoor safety and outdoor exploration, ensuring that your beloved companion leads a fulfilling and enriched life.

While keeping your cat contained indoors is the safest option, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the outdoors in a controlled manner. Catios come in various sizes and designs, offering opportunities for climbing, sunbathing, and birdwatching while keeping your cat protected from potential dangers.

Products to keep your indoor cat active

Ever wondered how to keep your indoor cat entertained and active? Look no further. With a few clever products, you can turn your home into a playground that will keep your feline friend engaged and happy all day long. Check out these fantastic options:

Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree: This multi-tiered wonderland provides endless opportunities for climbing, scratching, and lounging, giving your cat the ultimate indoor adventure. Completely customizable and available in a variety of sizes, you can make a cat tree as personalized as your furry friend.

Freestyle Hammock Accessory: Let your cat kick back and relax in style with this cozy hammock attachment for the Freestyle cat tree. Perfect for afternoon naps, birdwatching or just contently hiding in the perfect spot from the comfort of their own perch.

Switch Cat Scratcher with Interactive LED Lights: Say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to hours of entertainment with this innovative scratcher featuring interactive LED lights that will captivate your cat’s attention and keep them engaged for hours on end. Nothing gets your cat more lit than a scratcher with lights.

Human interaction – the best type of play

While toys and gadgets are valuable tools for keeping indoor cats active, nothing beats the interaction with their human companions. Spending quality time playing, cuddling, and bonding with your cat not only keeps them physically active but also strengthens the bond between you both. Whether it’s a game of chase, a gentle grooming session, or simply lounging together, your presence and attention are invaluable to your cat’s well-being. The Switch is a great blend of technology and connection, as by using the remote control to switch up the light display, you and your cat can while away the time together. 

Omlet and your cat

Keeping indoor cats active requires dedication and creativity from pet owners. With a commitment to creating solutions that enhance the lives of pets and their humans, Omlet offers a range of inventive products designed to enrich the indoor cat experience. From stylish cat beds to interactive cat scratchers, we understand the needs of modern pet owners and their feline companions, so we design products that ensure a harmonious and enjoyable life together.

Indoor cat keeping active in the Omlet Catio using cat scratcher

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