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Create the perfect setup for ex-battery hens

Ex battery hens using Omlet PoleTree Customisable Chicken Perch

Around the 1930s, battery cages, or small wire frame cages, were introduced as a way to increase egg production from hens on an industrial scale. Female chickens are placed in these cages from the time they hatch until full egg-laying maturity, which is typically considered 18 months.

While many countries including have banned or are phasing out the use of conventional battery cages, there are still many including Australia, where they remain legal until 2036. Because ex-battery hens have a lower egg production, many groups look to rescue them to provide a new home for these still full-of-life (and eggs) birds.

Most ex-battery hens require a little bit more attention and care during the first few months as they have to adjust to a new (and much better) life than what they previously knew. But just like any animal rescue, with some patience and extra love, they will quickly settle into their new routine and enjoyment of life. Here is how you can create the perfect setup for your ex-battery hens.

The Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

Ex-battery hens only know the confines of a small cage for their entire life until rehomed. So when creating a new space for them, consider their immediate needs of security, safety, and exploration. The Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop is the perfect choice as it not only offers all of that, but is also super easy to assemble, carefully designed, and virtually maintenance-free.

In Rosie’s Chicken Keeping Adventure blog series, she shared her story of being a first-time owner of ex-battery hens. After rescuing 5 ex-caged hens of her own, Rosie decided on the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop as the new home for her flock because of the peace of mind it provided. Here are some of the features that made this product priceless for her hens, as well as herself.

  • Predator resistant: Unlike free-range hens who have known life outside of a cage, ex-battery hens take a little more time adjusting to their new, more spacious, surroundings. As a result, it’s important that for whatever chicken coop you decide on, it is constructed with security and strength to keep out unwanted visitors. 

The Eglu Cube is made with durable and predator-resistant hard plastic which is placed on a heavy-duty steel frame. Eglu Coops and runs have been keeping hens all across the globe safe for over 15 years and your ex-battery hens will be no exception.

  • Plenty of space: Imagine living in a tiny studio apartment for your whole life only to be moved to a luxurious and spacious mansion….it’s a similar feeling for ex-battery hens who are rehomed to an Eglu Cube. At Omlet, our goal is to make chicken keeping simple and fun with practicality and efficiency in mind. Plus, we know just how important space and exploration is to chickens.

The run that comes with the Eglu Cube is expertly designed to create a full-on henertaining playground for your chickens. And thanks to its modular design, you can very easily expand your run and walk-in chicken run that allow you to grow with your flock. 

  • Private nesting box: Battery-caged hens are stripped of many animal privileges, not the least of which is the ability to nest, or lay eggs, in private. Nesting is a natural instinct for chickens and something that ex-battery hens will quickly embrace once rehomed in an Eglu Cube.

The Eglu Cube’s private nesting box comfortably fits up to 3 egg-laying hens at a time. Collecting fresh eggs from your coop is definitely one of the greatest perks of being a chicken keeper, but for ex-battery hens, it’s literally a new leash on life that they are given with this space.

More Omlet chicken essentials

Once your ex-battery hens have adjusted to their new life in their Eglu Cube home, you can really start to customise their space. We have endless options for you to create the ultimate hen home and we know first-hand that ex-battery hens will love them all.

Omlet Chicken Fencing: No matter the size of your garden, you can still increase the exploring space for your hens. Chicken fencing is the perfect way to allow your chickens free roam in the garden with risk of escape. Our chicken fencing is not only easy to install with a tangle-free design, but the dark colour blends in neatly with your garden.

Chicken PoleTree: Now the fun begins! Our fully customisable PoleTree is truly any chicken’s dream. Create a fun and engaging communal playground for your entire flock as your hens enjoy the stimulation and ability to check out new heights. You can install the tree in any walk-in chicken enclosure and know that it is sturdy and strong to hold several chickens at once. And don’t forget to add a chicken swing so your feathered friends can truly make the most of their new lifestyle.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Our priority with our chicken products is safety with simplicity and that is precisely why we created the Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Compatible with any wooden coop as well as the Eglu Cube, this is the safest and most convenient way to let your chickens in and out of the coop. Battery-powered with the option to operate on a timer or sensor, this door will not only guarantee all hens are home safe at night, but it will also keep your chickens protected from any weather elements with the added insulation of a closed door – even if you’re not yet home.

How you can help ex-battery hens

The number one way you can help ex-battery hens is by adopting them and giving them a new home of their own. But how do you do that? Several non-profit organisations in Australia intervene to advocate for these hens and give them a second chance at life. Their mission is simple – rescue and rehome ex-battery hens.

There is no better reward than to give an ex-battery hen a new home – for you and your new feathered friend. With an easy set-up like the Omlet Eglu Cube, your hens will live out the rest of their days in peace, comfort, and joy. And as their chicken keeper, you will wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place.

Girl and chickens in an Omlet Eglu cube large chicken coop


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