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Dog-Safe Bubbles

Yorkshire Terrier dog playing with bubbles outside

Your dog has lots of energy and loves to run and chase things. Be it toys, sticks or a slobbery tennis ball, the act of chasing is an innate trait in dogs. But has your dog ever chased after bubbles? An enriching game of running, chasing and jumping after bubbles is one of the best ways to engage your dog in mental and physical activity! With easy to make DIY recipes, tips and tricks, we have everything you need to know on how to make dog-safe bubbles.

Do dogs like bubbles?

What dog doesn’t like chasing after a soapy floating orb of water and popping it with their wet nose? For most dogs, playing with bubbles is as fun as any other playtime activity! While certain dog breeds may enjoy the challenge of chasing bubbles more than others, there’s no denying that every dog receives the benefits of brain/body coordination and physical movement when playing with a bubbly concoction!

Think about the last time you blew bubbles for your child or even just for yourself. There was running, chasing, jumping and lots of fun involved! The same is true with dogs and bubbles! It’s a highly engaging activity for dogs that entertains the focus of the mind and the movement of the body! And bonus – playing with bubbles means you get to spend more time with your furry best friend!

Are regular bubbles safe for dogs?

Go to any toy store or party store aisle and you will find every colour, size and scent of bubble solution available. But are store bought bubbles safe for your dog? We don’t recommend them. Here are some important facts to consider when it comes to buying ready made bubbles for your dog:

Even though packaging is labelled “non-toxic”, it can still contain some ingredients that are harmful to your dog. Some of the chemicals used in ready made bubbles are harmless to humans but could cause chemical burns or upset stomachs for your pup, especially if your dog likes to pop the bubbles with their mouth!

Dogs like to lick in order to sense the world around them. So an accidental spill of store bought bubbles could mean lots of harm for your dog if ingested. It’s always important to remember that when using any substance around your dog, harmful or not, to keep at a safe, out-of-reach distance to avoid any disasters!

There are now a variety of “dog specific” bubbles on the market, complete with meat and bacon flavours! However, be sure you read all the ingredients before purchasing. Even with these special made solutions, there can sometimes be a remnant of ingredients that will still pose a danger to your dog if ingested.

DIY dog-safe bubble recipes

With too many unknowns that come with store bought bubbles for your dog, it’s best to stick to at home recipes that you can make yourself. Not only are these DIY bubbles inexpensive and easy to make, but they are safe for every member of your family to play with – two and four legged alike!

The following recipes all include washing up liquid and it’s important to note that the amount used will not harm your dog in bubble form. However, still adhere to the “keep out of reach” rule when playing with these bubbles as an accidental ingestion of the entire solution could cause your dog some serious GI issues.

Simple solution
1 cup water + 1 Tbsp washing up liquid (ex: Fairy)
Combine together in a bottle or dish until well mixed.

Advanced solution
½ cup biodegradable washing up liquid + 1 cup water + 1 tsp glycerin
Mix together in a resealable container and store overnight for best results.

Flavoured solution
1 cup water + 2 Tbsp castile (vegetable-based) soap + 1 Tbsp glycerin + 1 tsp bone broth
Mix well in an airtight container and let it stand overnight before using.

Now that you have the bubble solution, it’s time to make bubbles! You can use a variety of household items to help create the popping party – straws, strainers and even whisks all work well at creating bubble magic! You can even bend a paperclip into a rounded shape to try and mimic a traditional bubble stick! No matter how you choose to make bubbles, your dog’s going to love it!

How to introduce your dog to bubbles

Just as with any new experience, some dogs may be initially confused with bubbles. Can you remember the first time you saw these tiny water circles floating around you? It was strange wasn’t it! So be patient when first introducing your dog to bubbles. Let’s check out these helpful tips:

Doggy see, doggy do: One of the best ways you can show your dog that bubbles are tons of fun is by chasing them yourself. When they see you having fun, they will quickly understand they can, too! If you have kids, get them in on the fun as well and before you know it, the whole family will be chasing bubbles around!
You can also get down on your dog’s level and gently blow a few bubbles so they can get a better viewpoint. Hold a bubble in your hand and pop it with your nose so your dog can experience the wonder of this activity.

Bubble machine: If you have kids, you’re in luck!, because that means you most likely have a bubble machine. And when it comes to making bubbles for your dog, what better way than with one of these! All of the homemade dog-safe bubble recipes are ok to use in a machine and will make your job much easier on producing bubbles!

Safety measures: All dog-safe bubbles contain soap – and soap is slippery! So to avoid any potential slips or falls, it is best to have your dog play with bubbles outdoors. If indoors is the only option, be sure to do the activity on a non-skid surface so fido doesn’t lose footing! Be sure to also pay close attention to your dog when playing with bubbles and never leave them unattended. Too many bubbles near the eyes means irritation for your dog, so if you see them acting uncomfortable, immediately wipe away any soapy residue before you resume play!

Seeing your dog chase, jump and snap at bubbles is not only entertaining, it’s also great exercise! But if for any reason your dog doesn’t find the fun in bubble play, or gets bored with them quickly, you can always encourage continued play with dog toys! And don’t forget to have a comfortable dog bed for fido to rest on when all that bubble playtime is over!

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