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A Dog’s Guide To Christmas

Dog in front of Christmas tree with dog advent calendar

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate everyone that we love, including our dogs. With wagging tails to welcome you home and sweet snuggles to keep you warm, our furry friends really are part of the family!

But how can you ensure your dog enjoys the festive period, too? Is it ok for your furry friend to dine on the traditional family feast? Fetch yourself a seat at the table as we outline everything you need to know to make sure your dog stays safe and has fun this Christmas!

Safe Christmas foods for your dog

While feeding your dog from the table can be tempting, serve up safe Christmas foods in their normal dog bowl or as you would a treat. And to be sure your dog doesn’t consume anything harmful, here is a list of some safe foods you can let your pup indulge in small bites:

  • Turkey – That’s right! Your dog can have a few nibbles of the star of the show! Turkey is a great source of protein for your dog and they will undoubtedly love a bite (or two!) of the savoury meat. Just be sure their portion is fully cooked, unseasoned, and doesn’t include any skin or bones, which aren’t safe for your dog to devour.
  • Potatoes – Serve your pup up some boiled or mashed sweet potato, but be sure to keep it plain with no salt or butter added. Spices like garlic and onion will make them sick, so stick to the plain potato variety when serving your dog at dinner! Dogs can also eat sweet potato – rich in beta carotene, fibre, vitamins, and a super treat for your dog at Christmas!
  • Other vegetables Sprouts, swedes, parsnips and green beans are very popular with dogs, as is a raw or cooked piece of carrot. Again, be sure not to add any seasoning, butter or sauces before you give the vegetables to your pet pooch, and moderation is key!

Not safe Christmas foods for your dog

As any dog owner understands, the nose knows! And especially at Christmas, a dog’s nose will sniff out almost any food or flavour! So in order to make sure your dog stays safe this holiday season, here are a few foods that you want to make sure you avoid letting your furry friend feast on.

  • Bones – Give a dog a bone, right? Wrong when it comes to turkey bones! It may seem only natural to give your dog a bone from the carved turkey, but doing so could be very dangerous to their health. Unlike dog chew designed bones that are safe for your dog to gnaw on, turkey bones can be small and splinter, causing your dog to potentially choke.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate is a staple in most homes over the holidays, but this tasty treat is not one to share with dogs. Theobromine, which is found in chocolate, can be deadly to your furry friend – even in small amounts. So, no matter how much they give you the puppy eyes treatment, don’t let them have any,
  • Gravy – We all know that gravy over a Christmas roast is delicious but it can be harmful for dogs. With its high salt and fat content, this is one Christmas food not to feed fido.

In the unlikely event that your dog does happen to eat any unsafe foods this Christmas, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately to seek help.

Fido fun at Christmas

One of the best parts of Christmas is the time off from work to relax and enjoy with friends and family. And no family member is more excited about getting to spend time with you than your dog! The most magical time of the year is meant to make magical new memories and who better to do that with!

So take full advantage of this quality time to do more fun activities with your dog. If your furry friend is used to quick morning or afternoon walks before and after work, use this extra time off to linger longer on those strolls. Or, create new adventures and memories by exploring new trails or parks in your area.

What if it’s too cold where you live to be outside for long periods of time around Christmas? Just take the pawty inside! Stock up on some favourite dog toys so you and your dog can play for hours while staying cosy and warm. Your dog will love a good game of “fetch and seek” and you will love that your dog still gets exercise to tire out!

Dogs and guests at Christmas

When Christmas rolls around, you are bound to welcome friends and family into your home. While most dogs love meeting new people and getting pets and pats from strangers, some pups can get very anxious and stressed with too much commotion.

So how do you make sure your dog is ok with the holiday hustle and bustle in your home? Thankfully, Omlet has the tips and products to make sure your dog stays jolly and joyful this holiday!

Extra exercise: A tired dog is a happy dog! So before the fun festivities of Christmas begin, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise to tire out those wiggles. Take them on a longer walk than usual or for an extra long game of fetch outside before guests arrive. You can also play some mental stimulation games inside so they can release some pent-up energy! That way when your company arrives, your dog won’t feel chaotic or stressed!

Designate a doggie den: For the dogs who get anxious with people coming in and out of your home, creating a familiar place for them to escape to is essential! Place their bed in a quiet room or corner where they feel comfortable and secure so they can get a nap when needed. The dog beds designed by Omlet are a great snooze option for any dog as they can be customised to fit your dog’s exact needs! And if your dog is crate trained, consider upgrading their safe place to a “home within a home” with one of Omlet’s wide variety of dog crates.

Layers on layers: If welcoming guests to your home is a regular and stress-free experience for your dog, then this Christmas should be without worry! For the cuddle pups who like to snuggle family and strangers alike on the sofa, make sure you have some layers to protect your furniture and your guests! The Super Soft Dog Blankets designed by Omlet are a great option because they offer a warm, snuggly spot for your dog to land when greeting guests!

Before you roast your turkey this Christmas, remember to give thanks for the constant companion in your life! We think dogs can receive love in many different ways and that’s why we created our exclusive line of dog products to give thanks back! Making sure your dog enjoys the magic of the holiday season is just as important as the festivities themselves!

Dog chewing on Christmas dog toy in front of Omlet Bolster Dog Bed

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