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10 things to always have in stock when you have chickens!

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Do my Guinea Pigs Need Vitamins?

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Which Fruit and Vegetables Can I Feed my Rabbit?

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What are the legal requirements for chicken keeping?

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Dementia in pets

Dementia is not a uniquely human condition. Many older pets suffer the condition known as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), … Read More

How to calm an aggressive cockerel?

Cockerels have three main purposes in a flock of chickens. They protect the hens by warning of any danger, they enable you to br… Read More

Go Big with 10% off Purple & Green Eglu Cubes!

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Pet Days to Celebrate: The Top List in 2021

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15% off Geo Bird Cage for a limited time only!

For a limited time only, save 15% on the Geo Bird Cage from Omlet. Upgrade your budgie cage for 2021, with the stylish, easy … Read More

Are my chickens too cold?

Chickens are hardy birds, and are fantastically good at adapting to the climate, whether it’s midsummer or deepest winter.… Read More

Competition Winners

In December, Santa Barbara and her team of Elves helped us say a big thank you to our pets and all they have helped us through i… Read More

Do Dogs Laugh?

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Why do guinea pigs popcorn?

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Exclusive interview with Jamieleigh from the Youtube channel “BirdTricks”

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

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Help, my chicken keeps flying away!

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Omlet Holiday Animal Quiz: Are you an Expert?

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Dogs and Swimming Pools

While it’s true that most dogs can swim, not all of them actually enjoy it. Some dogs’ idea of swimming involves paddling … Read More

10 Tips to Help Your Pet Have an Amazing Christmas Break

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Why Are Black Cats Said to be Unlucky?

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