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How to Pick Up your New Eglu

If you want to collect your order rather than have it delivered you can.  Here's how you do it and some of the commonly asked q… Read More

Win 1 of 5 Egg Skelters complete with 24 chocolate eggs

(more…)… Read More

Win 1 of 12 LOVE Packs

(more…)… Read More

Australia Day Eglu Go and Hutch Special Offer

Summer is well on it's way and with it comes Australia day.  If your chickens, rabbits or guinea pigs are feeling a bit fed… Read More

How to Fundraise for a Chook House

You can download the one page information on how to fundraise with your school or kindy for an Omlet chicken coop as a PDF … Read More

Should I keep my eggs in the fridge

This is a question I get asked A LOT...  The answer is YES AND NO!  Have I confused you yet?  Well according to my eggper… Read More

Arrrrhhh There are no Eglu Cubes now what? The Alternatives

As you will have seen on the website we are currently out of sto… Read More

Is Your Cat Killing Native Wildlife?

There are a lot of news stories at the moment in Australia about cats killing native wildlife.  It is estimated that there ar… Read More

Entertaining Your Girls

If your chickens are pecking at the fence or run wire it may be because they are bored. Chickens are pretty intelligent anima… Read More

Do Plastic Chicken Houses get hot?

I get asked this question A LOT, and the answer is yes plastic chicken houses do get hot in the heat, but so do wooden ones.  J… Read More

Eglu Go UP with 3m run gets Support!

The Eglu Go UP usually comes with a 2m run, however you can buy it with an extra 1m run extension, if you do this, then the run … Read More

Super Pet… Up Up and Away

Let’s start by stating the obvious… Australia a BIG place and sometimes you don’t want to drive the 10 hours to Melbourne,… Read More